Pregnancy Treatments

Our Maternity Treatments are designed to take you through every stage of your pregnancy and to relax, soothe and help alleviate some of the common discomforts associated with it. Both are safe to be carried out after your first trimester right through to birth, providing you are not experiencing any major complications.

Maternity Massage

A deeply nurturing massage specifically designed for this special time. Feel protected and cherished while your aches and tensions are soothed away using specific pre natal technique.


VOYA Foot Ritual

See our VOYA treatments page for details on this treatment.


Baby Reflexology

A special adaption of adult reflexology for babies, infants and toddlers to soothe, calm and encourage balance in the body. It is effective in easing discomforts such as colic, wind, constipation, reflux, congested ears, blocked nose, teething, asthma, eczema, poor appetite, hyperactivity and anxiety. Reflexology is a fantastic natural option to calm and boost the immune system.


Please note that reflexology is a natural, gentle, complementary therapy that works in conjunction with conventional medicine. Parents should always contact their doctor if they are concerned about their babies’ health.

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